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Voach Transformation Program

Ever heard of the principle that it takes 66 days to form a habit? Well we can do better than that can’t we!

This is my signature program for you to transform to the vegan lifestyle in 45 days in an easy and stress-free manner. In this program, I intimately work with you through the inner mindset work and discover the habits and conditions that are holding you back from making a successful and life-changing transformation.

This program is unique as it will be tailored specifically to you, not just another generic plan that is shared with every person. It is with this approach that you will gain all the necessary tools you need to transform and never look back!

After reading this, you might be asking yourself – is this the right program for me? This program is definitely for you if you:

  • know within yourself that you can no longer contribute to the immoral and unnecessary cruelty and suffering that the animals have to endure to maintain a diet filled with animal and animal by-products (not to mention contributing to the catastrophic effects of climate change) – but just aren’t quite sure how exactly to do it and need some help getting started on the right foot; or

  • feel like you’ve tried it before, but you just can’t seem to make that final step to permanently get off the roller coaster and revert back to your old ways – when you then look back and think, how the hell did I get back here??

So what is exactly included in this program?

In this program you will receive:

  • All-inclusive action plan that details how to start, and continue, living a vegan lifestyle.

  • Guidelines and meal suggestions, formulated specifically to you, so you will not have to think strenuously about what to eat for each and every meal. What a relief!

  • Guidance on how to indulge in a balanced and healthy way so that you can eat everything you love and never feel like you are losing out on something special to you.

  • Assignments and targets for you to achieve for each week in order to keep your focus on the goal at all times.

  • A catch-up phone or video call each week (whichever is easier for you!). Each call will be for 60 minutes.

  • Continuous support from Voach via unlimited text or email.

  • A holistic transformation to the vegan lifestyle and start to Thrive with Compassion!

This program is just £250 for the month of December as part of our Xmas & Veganuary Sale! It is even cheaper if you have already had a private Ask Voach session!

Make the most of this offer while it’s available and Book Now!