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Start Your Vegan Journey Today | Voach – The Vegan Coach

“It’s not hard to make changes in your life once you know what your values are.”

This, I believe, is true for every person. However, given the many distractions and undue influences in life, we can lose sight of our most vital and sacred values which drive us to be the best version of ourselves – day in and day out.

No better example of this is with the core value which underpins veganism – compassion. From commerce, to media, to industry and lobby influences; our value of compassion has been manipulated to disregard the suffering of animals and, in turn, the planet and one another.

This is not the way it has to be. I know that, once people truly understand the ethos of veganism and re-engage and re-contextualize their value of compassion for the animals and the planet, changing to a vegan lifestyle will not be as hard as one might think!

My goal is to help you in your discovery, understanding and transformation to a vegan lifestyle in as easy and stress-free manner – from inception to fruition. Every step of the way: with honesty, kindness and compassion.


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