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Work with me | Voach – The Vegan Coach

Without a doubt in my mind, I know the transformation to a vegan lifestyle is possible for any person who is equipped with the right tools to succeed. Coaching is meant to give you such tools in order for you to achieve your goals. With my extensive knowledge and vast experiences in all social situations, I will be able to guide and teach you to have the requisite skills and knowledge to achieve your goal of becoming vegan and Thriving with Compassion!


Ask Voach

How will I know what to eat? Where will I get my protein from? What is wrong with dairy and eggs?

Sound familiar?

If you are looking for clear and rational answers to these types of questions in order to give a vegan lifestyle a try, then this one’s for you! I will answer any and all questions you may have relating to a vegan lifestyle, so that you can get started on your way to your best confidence, happiness, and life!

Voach Transformation Program

There is so much information (and even more misinformation) on the vegan lifestyle that it can seem too overwhelming to know even where to begin, let alone how to sustain it for a lifetime.

This is my signature program for you to transform to the vegan lifestyle in an easy and stress-free manner. In this program, I intimately work with you through the inner mindset work and discover the habits and conditions that are holding you back from making a successful and life-changing transformation.

Voach Speaks

Wish to have an inspirational speaker at your next event or work function to indulge an audience to the ways of a vegan lifestyle?

I am here to inspire audiences through memorable and powerful storytelling as well as candid speaking style to create incredible connections with the audience to enlighten them as to why embracing a vegan lifestyle will bring more compassion and happiness in their life, as well as helping the planet and others to thrive as we move forward.