About Me

Me and my vegan puppy enjoying the view at Lake Garda, Italy

When I was 19, some of my best friends read a book about veganism and they decided to go vegan from that point on. Naturally intrigued, I decided to read the book myself to truly understand what all the fuss of “veganism” was about. Needless to say, I was blown away by the revelations contained in the book and so began my journey to veganism.

After finishing this book, I then spent the following months vigorously doing my own independent research to gain a deeper understanding of the dietary, environmental and philosophical impacts of veganism. Then after all the information had sufficiently marinated in my mind, body and soul, I woke up one morning and said to myself that I would go vegan and never look back. That was over 10 years ago. I would have never anticipated the tremendous and powerful impact that this decision has made on every aspect of my life.

For the first time in my life, my eyes were wide open to the devastating and horrific practices of the animal agriculture industry, which had been hidden from me my entire life. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this? Why isn’t this common knowledge? And why isn’t more being done to stop this?

It was at this point I knew I needed to do more. I always wanted to help more people on their journey to veganism, but was unsure of how (as I am sure most vegans feel at some point in their life).

So I decided that, whilst I further my career as a lawyer working for international law firms in Australia, Germany and England, I would work morning and night to help my family and friends transitioning to the vegan lifestyle. I would work with them intimately to find out what had been holding them back, and provide them with every ounce of knowledge I had and share my own experiences to support and guide them every step of the way.

It is only after seeing such success in my private life that the idea came to my mind that I could help share the vegan message by promoting easy, healthy and tasty vegan recipes. So I have left my cushy corporate job to follow my passion and purpose by beginning my coaching practice from the ground up. My goal is clear – to help you successfully and sustainably transform to the vegan lifestyle and start to Thrive with Compassion.

Amazing Healthy Organic Vegan Burger